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© 2016 by Veggie y Qué

Photo Credit: JMontoya Photo

My Story is simple, I used to eat meat products and now I don't.  It took me a very long time to make the change. Mostly due to the question everyone asks, "what will I eat...?"  As I took the plunge into "the salad only, no flavor, I'm going to die without cheese" life, something miraculous happened.  I found an abundance, bountiful, broad range of food.  So the next item to tackle was to make sure my family can be fulfilled and happy with the vegan options I cook.  I'm happy to say, there hasn't been one compliant!


I began posting my dishes on Instagram, to show that Vegan food is not boring.  Nothing fancy to my dishes, just good food.  That instagram was so popular that it turned into our own deli in Uptown Whittier, California!


Everyone benefits from cutting meat from their diet, Even if you think you can't (which you really can) head over to my Instagram , You Tube, stop by Veggie y Que to find a little inspiration.