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, hdd in, only post set u apart iamkun: I tried it and my battery is not charging. I have a 30GB ext3 partition mounted at /var/spool/pipeline. Is it possible to make the size of the mount point larger? I was thinking of making the whole partition bigger. uitam, check the applications menu iamkun: So iam looking for solution. hi, i have a dual boot with win7 and ubuntu 10.10 and it's been working fine until this morning when i suddenly got an update that brought win7 down. I've since tried to re-install it and it wouldn't boot at all. I'd really like to get it back up and running. iamkun: is it can affect my charging? shoma: was working fine, when i opened it, you see, it was not working :P irmand: cool now i am on battery mode iamkun: actually i think it is a bug iamkun: I am trying that shoma: do you know what ur power/ac adapter is made out of? Vlet: what if I install the alternate version hewhomust: It is new if i do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop can i use the gnome environment and x-windows? nDevastator: yes hello, how do i reinstall the default drivers? any1 know how to make kde run my xchat and keep the colors? ok thx guys shoma: did it get hot when you try to charge? grr..any1 help?!?! hewhomust: I have a lot of heated apps in my panel I set my bios to boot from USB and it doesn't, I downloaded the LiveCD




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